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Marcello’s Grill was conceptualized in April 2000 by two ambitious entrepreneurs eager to fulfill their need and desire to serve the Lord.  As Michael and Cynthia Miller, a husband and wife team both natives to the Washington, DC area, began to evaluate their position in life and the many blessings they’ve received over the years, they were almost overcome with a feeling of deep appreciation.  So touched were they, in fact, that they made a promise to God that no matter how hard the task, they would share their many blessings and give back to the community in any way that he would see fit. 

14710 Main Street

Upper Marlboro, Md.  20772
(301) 780-8585

Mon-Thurs. 7:00am-4:00pm
Seafood Friday 7:00am-7:00pm
Seafood Saturday  8:00am-6:00pm

So when the message became clear in their hearts to “feed God’s People,” Michael and Cynthia knew that it was a mission sent straight from God, and immediate action was taken to give birth to the heavenly taste sensation which is now called Marcello’s Grill.

Catering for festivals, churches, and events open the doors for Marcello’s Grill.  Marcello’s is well known for “feeding Gods people” at the Evangel Cathedral located in Upper Marlboro Maryland,  FREE of charge at their annual Friends and Family Day picnic for a period of three years.

By being obedient Christians, this was God’s way of storing their seeds for harvesting for years to come.  In February 2005, God blessed them with a permitted location for Marcello’s Grill, located on Main Street, Upper Marlboro, the county seat of Prince George’s County.  It is a fulfillment of a five-year dream to open Marcello’s Grill. 

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